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Right Experiences at the Right Time

Your life is colored with a timeline of experiences. Every experience will occur at a specified time in your life. It won’t happen before it’s supposed to and won’t happen after it’s supposed to.

It will occur at EXACTLY the right time.

If you look at Product Development, the product goes through various phases from conception to being perfect. Your life is the same. You go through those various phases to ultimately make a stronger you. So, be grateful that the right experiences happen at the right time in your life.

P.S. Everything here is original. I took this photo, thought of this quote, designed and created this little badge.


Cloudy with a chance of Splash

IMG-3366 (2)
Photography by Ink ’em Down

It is in the nature of water … to become transformed into earth through a predominating earthy virtue;

… it is in the nature of earth to become transformed into water through a predominating aqueous virtue.

~ Ibn Sina (Avicenna)


In response to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: #21 Splash

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Meaning: Wandering in the clouds; moving through the air.

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Photography by Ink ’em Down.

I snapped these shots while gliding through the clouds on one of my recent air travels. Couldn’t pick a favorite or two to post since they’re all unique in their own subtle ways.

As I was moving through the air, you enjoy moving through my little slideshow!


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Value the Moment

Photography by Ink ’em Down

“Each of your breaths is a priceless jewel, since each of them is irreplaceable and once gone, can never be retrieved.”

~ Imam Al-Ghazali

Value the Moment: It’s these little golden pockets of illumination scattered around the picture that give it it’s slightly ethereal blue & gold look. The type of day (cloudy) and the time of day (before sunset) this picture was captured quietly add to its simple grandeur (it would’ve invoked an entirely different feeling if taken on a sunny day at noon time). The discreet, lazy puddles of rain including the one, however little, reflecting the liquid pillars (of water) of the fountain, give it a fresh and somewhat tranquil touch. Quietly ponder over and value this moment…