Woohoo!!! I just started my first real job (i.e. Aug 2016) after graduation: working in cancer research.

I’m a fresh graduate with an Honors degree in Biotechnology. With major courses being Biology, Writing courses were always favorite free electives during undergrad. It took my mind off of zebrafish embryos, dodgy bacteria, mouse dissection, and all that, for a while… But ah, still liked it.

Biology and creative writing, on the surface, seem to be worlds apart, but this blog sees a combination of these two passions. In separate categories. So check them out!

I write Biology posts the way I do cuz I don’t want you, my reader, to feel like you’re woefully sitting for Science class that you’d otherwise be bunking. I want you to learn more about yourself and life around you in fun li’l snippets! Where, after reading a post here, you feel like you’ve learnt something that’s easy to digest and you take it along with you.

More about me – Besides the academic side, I play sports: table tennis, volleyball, cricket. And watch the rest on TV. Love archery (before The Hunger Games came out, mind you. Think I started liking it since watching Lord of the Rings). And you guessed it, I enjoy watching movies. And obviously reading and writing.

Also, a big fan of travelling. Actually, the whole family is. We’re always on the move! There’s nothing more fun than multiculturalism and meeting new people. I like learning from them, sharing with them. Basically, the whole baggage accompanying travel: new experiences, new places, new faces, new foods, new architecture, new feel of the air, new everything!

Oh and photography! I enjoy taking photos. And like appreciating those by keen-eyed others. The best thing: photos speak for themselves.

Hmm that’s about it, I guess.

PS: The posts with a Biology theme are inspired by the referenced articles with a sprinkling of own ideas. The ones under the Creative Writing category are original and copyrighted.


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