Grow from Nature – Neighborly Relations (Part 2)

Image credit: Sergei Akulich on Unsplash

3 ways to handle neighborly relations- inspired by plants:

  • Foster good interrelations: just as ‘interrelations of a tree with its immediate neighbors induce higher productivity of the entire tree community’, good neighborly relationships with our immediate neighbors whether at residence, workplace or simply the bus, encourages harmony and productivity of the entire residential and workplace community and contributes to the society as a whole.
  • Rejoice diversity: plants growing in a species-rich ecosystem produce more wood and the chances of facilitation are higher, i.e. interaction with soil fungi. We humans need to train our minds and eyes to be more tolerant to diversity, celebrate it, respect it, learn from it and develop as a person. Learn a new skill, a new cuisine, a new language, a new subject, a new perspective and grow.
  • Chuck isolation out the window: ‘…biodiversity conservation is not exclusively an ecological or ethical issue, but rather a necessity ensuring socio-economic welfare’, said Dr. Andreas Fichtner, forest ecologist at Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany. So relating to this post, conserving and respecting diversity is not just morally and ethically right but it will definitely enrich your perspective as a person and your socio-economic status as a society/country.

These points may seem obvious but not all of us practice them. So, learn from plants and grow!

This post is second in the Grow from Nature series (see the first one here) and was inspired by How trees coexist. 


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