Extraordinary Love

Trace my spine from top to bottom,

her soft, slender fingers do.

Make me feel ever so alive,

Her smooth and rhythmic heartbeat and

That loving grip and warm hug, do.

A naughty smile her lips fashion in to

Look at one another when we do,

Ever so alive does it make me feel.

On my hardcover case, her fingers dance

Mulls over the smoothness and richness of it, as she does…

Her Diary, I am,

A constant companion, I am.

For two odd years, together we have been

The young adult life roller coaster, faced together we have.

Replete are my pages,

With her secrets and musings.

Smirk, she makes me

With passionate, eccentric thoughts.

But solace do I find

Confides in, trusts and loves me

As she does.

Return do I,

The very same sentiments.

My pages respire for her

No less is that, in my lingua

Than a human beau saying:

My heart beats for her.

Photo courtesy: flickr/ Cryss

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    1. My pleasure; aw thank you so much for dropping by and for a lovely comment! I’m so happy you enjoyed it πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot and yes, I hope to keep on writing; I adore the activity!


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