Rain Warp

Photography by Ink ’em Down


In response to Cee’s Oddball Photography Challenge


16 thoughts on “Rain Warp

        1. Thanks!
          It was really a “shot on the go” 😉
          I was on my way to work on this rainy morning. Upon stopping for the traffic light, I looked out the bus window and thought “this looks beautiful, with the rain n all”. I hastily took out my phone and snapped this pic before the traffic light turned green.
          A day later, I stumbled upon Cee’s Odd ball Challenge. I was like, wow what a cool challenge! Lemme post this photo as an entry. So that’s what I did.
          What followed felt pleasantly surprising and amazing with Cee’s response and featuring, and the likes and comments from all of you kind, fellow bloggers!
          Thank you! 🙂

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  1. beautiful response. I’m glad you communicate with photos as well as words. that is one of the universal languages as well as music, art, dancing, laughter , tears, fears, anger, happiness and the tricky to hold onto cousin of them all love 🙂

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